Technology and Innovation Knowledge Transfer Zone Agenda

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10.25 - 10.45

Highly Autonomous Warship Technologies: Underpinning Safe, Secure and Available lean-crewed warships. Embracing the future of maritime autonomy this paper explores the core enabling technologies that will facilitate lean crewing on warships. There are many ethical and practical constraints that currently make a completely unmanned surface combatant unfeasible; therefore the near future solutions may utilise highly autonomous vessels alongside smaller unmanned counterparts to create an optimal force structure. In this presentation, BMT breaks down the challenges of autonomy in warship design into seven core development areas and creates a vision for how a warship in 2040 could operate.

Jake Rigby

Research and Development Lead


10.50 - 11.10
Hetti Barkworth-Nanton


Ploughshare Innovations

11.15 - 11.35

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), have been instrumental in supporting innovators develop novel ideas to enhance the UK defence and security sector. DASA provides funding through the two core mechanisms of Themed Competitions and the Open Call for Innovation as well as mentoring and supplier support services.  

Find out more about DASA and how you can get involved during our talk at the DPRTE!


Peter Wilkins

Innovation Partner, South East

Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA)

11.40 - 12.00

Join one of the world's leading experts in delivering complex procurement, Peter Marshall, as he explains how to successfully evaluate cost and to balance its weight against all other factors. Discover the key issues you need to address early in your procurement to ensure a value for money outcome, and understand how you could be unknowingly affecting not only the winner you select but also the solutions your bidders put forward in the first place.

Peter Marshall


Commerce Decisions

12.05 - 12.25

Insider threat, whether malicious or unintentional, remains a significant security risk to organisations in the UK.

CDS Defence & Security has worked with the UK MOD since 2015, delivering capability into their Insider Threat and wider SAFEGUARDING programme. In this presentation Martin Nash, Head of Cyber Security & Information Assurance Services at CDS DS, will take you through the techniques and processes that ultimately made the UK compliant with the wider FVEYs community, the evolution of the threat and why a holistic approach to security is essential in the modern threat landscape.

Martin Nash

Head of Cyber Security & Information Assurance Services

CDS Defence and Security

12.30 - 12.50
Gerry Cantwell

Director of Defence and National Security


13.45 - 14.05
Ragnar Gaundal Stein

Manager Business Development

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

14.10 - 14.30
Hazel Biggs

Knowledge Transfer Manager, Defence and Security Sectors