Supply Chain Engagement Zone​


 In 2017/18 the Ministry of Defence managed approximately £20.9 billion of third-party procurement spend. The size and complexity of many projects requires the Department to work closely with key industry partners to ensure delivery of the defence programme, with over half of the annual spend flowing through 19 Strategic Suppliers.

MOD spends approximately £835 million per annum directly with SMEs, but the majority of opportunities lie within the supply chain.

The use of competition is encouraged wherever appropriate both within direct contract opportunities and throughout the supply chain. Opportunities, therefore, exist for suppliers of all sizes, from large established defence contractors through to innovative smaller businesses.

The Prime Contractor and Supply Chain Engagement Zone will bring together many of the key Prime Contractors currently engaged within the delivery of MOD projects, allowing visitors to book appointments for 1-2-1 meetings.  Please note appointments are booked on a first come first served basis, and are limited to one appointment per delegate.

 More information coming soon.

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