Infrastructure and Estates Agenda


Delivering differently for MoD Infrastructure and Estates

10.35 - 11.00

What you’ll learn:
• What is driving KBR’s supply chain decisions? – from SME’s to Social Value
• Understand what KBR is looking for from its supply chain
• How to stand out in our supply chain selection

How to do Business with DIO

11.05 - 11.45

DIO – A capable asset owner

11.50 - 12.35

DIO’s Agenda for Change

12.35 - 13.20

Overcoming ‘Pride and Prejudice’ in Defence Infrastructure contracting – a view from Strategic Command

13.25 - 14.10

• MOD preconceptions
• MOD expectations
• The Lived Experience
• What is value for money (and who defines it)?
• Short-term transactions or strategic relationships?
• Implementing effective risk management
• The future terrain

Building the future - DIO Major Projects and Programmes

14.15 - 15.00

• DIO MPP Overview
• Current portfolio of construction
• Trends and challenges

High Performance Building Design

15.00 - 15.25

The way office buildings are adapting to Climate Change and the decarbonisation of the electricity supply. Also the role that smart technology plays to help achieve sustainable outcomes.
Overview of emerging trends and project examples.


*Agendas subject to change