27 MARCH 2018


    The MOD and associated supply chains buy a wide variety of products and services ranging from clothing to satellite communication systems and from construction of buildings to provision of staff.

    The MOD is British industry’s single largest customer, spending approximately £19.6 billion annually, which amounts to between 40% and 45% of total government spend with third parties.

    As outlined within the Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015, the MOD recognises the importance of SMEs to the defence supply chain, and in addition has agreed with the Cabinet Office a new 25% target for SME procurement spend by 2020.

    SMEs, including from adjacent sectors, are able to bring flexibility, boost innovation and increase competition, all of which means industry can deliver the best value for money capability to the Armed Forces.

    Firmly established as the UK’s leading must-attend defence procurement event, DPRTE 2017, held across a single day, will provide industry with a unique opportunity to showcase goods and services, in addition to being able to engage directly with both the key personnel and organisations responsible for setting strategy and operationally delivering an annual budget of over £19 billion.

    Join the UK’s defence procurement community at DPRTE 2017 – book your place today